Volume #1


Image of Volume #1

Volume #1 is the first offering of a series we've created that centers around a specific theme of flavors, rather than a specific coffee.
We love the excitement of seeing seasonal coffees come and go through our lineup, but we've introduced the Volume Series as a sure way to always have a similarly structured, sweet, and balanced cup of coffee available year-round.
The coffees utilized in it will always be fresh-crop coffees, but will be specifically chosen to match a profile of chocolatey flavors, heavier body, and more approachable acidity.
It may be a blend, or it may be a single origin offering, but it will always be comprised of high quality coffees that we are excited to drink ourselves, and serve to a wide audience in our homes and cafes.

Volume #1

Flavor notes: Structured, Rich Body, Chocolate, Cherry, Almond.

Countries of Origin: Brazil / Papua New Guinea
Processing method: Pulped Natural / Washed
Coffee Varieties : Mixed / Blue Mountain, Arusha